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Launching a new book? 
Looking for marketing ideas, launching a campaign, 
or want something custom online? We've got you covered. 
Launching a new book?
Looking for marketing ideas, launching a campaign, or want something custom online? 

We've got you covered.
Your Custom Online Church Library
How many times have you heard a sermon and thought to yourself I'm awesome.
Mogo offers three distinctive services for publishers. 
Mogo offers three distinctive services for publishers. 
We develop Book Apps
As developers of the #1 Book App in the US Appstore Jesus Calling App and developer of other book apps for Publishers and Authors, we'll ensure that your book app is both elegant and user friendly. 
We'll deliver a beautiful app design to match your book. 
When we design your book app or devotional app, we hold the standards to maintain your current design in the app. It is our goal that all fonts, colors, attributes, should all be the same, and the app experience should bring your book to life. 
With dozens of apps created, here are three of our biggest sellers. 
Kids Book Apps
As a publisher of kids books, you work with the author and illustrator to bring the story to the page. We bring the page to life by adding features that help the child remember, read, and interact throughout the story. Let's discuss creating a kids book app for your most popular titles. 
Yes, we turn these books into IOS apps and give you options. 
We have worked on kids book story telling apps, abc book apps, tracing apps, activity apps, games, and more. Our code base supports a variety of kids book needs at a price that is affordable to get started.   
From Kids Books, to Activity Apps and Packs, we've done it all. 
We'll grow your authors sales with Funnels 
We'll help you get set-up with the right funnel for your goals and business for each of your authors. We will help you create a lead magnet, opt in page to grow your authors email list, set-up an email sequence and product sales page, and if needed... an auto webinar too. It's a lot for one person, so we will help you from idea, design, all the way to launch. 
Beautiful Designs 
You know what they say, a cover is worth a thousand words. Your cover speaks to your brand and messaging. Therefore, it's especially important to make sure you're capturing the attention to sell your content. Do you need help writing your marketing copy or a designed cover too? Let's talk about your needs.  
Create Online Interactive Workbooks
We'll convert any of your current workbook studies into interactive workbooks in their own private library online. You supply us with the indesign files or PDF's and we handle the conversion process, and get everything set-up in the library for you to sell to your customers.  
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Need a Custom Site, Marketing Campaign, or App? Let's talk. 
We will work with you to evaluate and create the customizations based on a SOW and your goals 
and objectives. 

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